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By eliminating the 'middle man' our supply packages are very exclusive to our client base, and present exceptional value.

All profiles, brands and species are on offer from Australia's biggest known brands. Solid timber comes in many profiles, widths and thickness, it is for this reason that the right size is used for the right application to ensure structural stability ( if required ) is not compromised, in overlays the correct fixings are used within the specified manufacturers specification.

With Australia's largest range of native timbers at our disposal, we are proud to supply and distribute deckings ranging from 64mm through to 136mm in width. In todays economy we have seen local Australian species VS imported materials become far more competitive in price and consistency of quality. The right selection of decking will not only be a centre master piece in your new outdoor development, as with the correct maintenance procedures will provide years of service and provide a major aesthetic value to your home or project.

Hardwood cladding is widely specified in high end designs due to its ability to integrate the exterior of a project with the natural environment. Whether it be a home or commercial application the clean lines promoted by a refined of hardwood cladding has exceptional aesthetic appeal. Our cladding is straight lined processed which is a major asset to assist in a clean sharp installation line

Cladding is machined to comply to Australian Standards for both horizontal and vertical installation types.

Without question stability and core structure from the ground up is a key requirement for these installation types requiring a timber sub floor. Our hardwood ply is constructed by way a 5 ply manufacturer and is widely used on Melbourne's finest projects.

French oaks range greatly in species blend, construction type, coatings specifications, thickness, widths and origin of manufacturer. We supply and install only the most reputable brands with full underwritten guarantee and a full chain of custody warranty. In a saturated market from the most available to the higher end of the market we supply to suit budget requirement or colour demanded. Complimented by different aesthetic values ranging from hand carved, scolloped, wire brushed or traditional smooth finish.