Terms and Conditions

Trading Terms

All invoices are based strictly on terms noted upon invoice. All active accounts and sites under construction will cease should payment not be received after 45 days. The Diesel Group Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 1.5% calculated on a monthly basis. All queries relating to invoicing ‘variations’ should be made in writing with 7 days of receival for consideration, terms outside this frame will assume full payment is required.

The purchase agrees to refund The Diesel Group Pty Ltd for all costs and expenses for legal or debt collection. Title and property in the goods will only pass to the purchaser following receipt by The Diesel Group Pty Ltd of full payment due for the goods delivered and/or services rendered.
The Purchaser authorises The Diesel Group Pty Ltd by its servants and agents to enter any premises owned or occupied by the purchaser to take possession of the goods and authorises The Diesel Group Pty Ltd by its servants or agents to use all reasonable means to obtain such possession.

All flooring works will be installed over existing structure as provided by client. No responsibility will be assumed for conditions outside that of works invoiced. It is the responsibility of the said client to provide substrates/conditions in compliance with Australian Standards and appropriate Work Safe procedures.

All materials remain the property of The Diesel Group Pty Ltd until paid for in full.
In situations where goods are left on site the invoiced client will be responsible for the security of such goods. Should any of these goods be lost or stolen, the invoiced client will be responsible for the additional costs of replacement.
The customer is responsible for any material delivered to site and is liable for any loss
This contract is only to supply the specified material required to the value stated on order
The customer must pay for any extra material required
The customer has been made aware of the characteristics of timber products relating to color, grain and natural features
Timber floors have many shades of color. All shades are supplied. Timber will not be replaced due to shading / grading.
The customer has been made aware of shrinkage and expansion due to heating and cooling appliances used in most homes ( and seasonal temperatures ).
If separate deliveries are requires the appropriate delivery charge will apply
The customer fully understands and accepts the limitations of timber flooring as explained
If payment is not received with terms allowed, legal action may be taken to recover this debt. If legal action is taken you may also be required to pay our fees and costs associated in recovering debt plus interest. Legal action against you may also adversely affect your credit rating making it harder for you to obtain credit in the future.

All works carried out comply with Australian Standards and manufacturer specifications
This contract is only to the value stated on invoice. Anything extra will need to be paid for by client.
Structural work is the responsibility of client, and has not been quoted for.
Should sub floor not comply within specifications, extra charges are applicable to its rectification
A moisture test on the flooring and the installation environment will be undertaken before installation. If the result of the test is not in keeping with specification further acclimatizing may be required.
Given the nature of this work there may be occasions where dents may occur, more so when removing skirts. The Diesel Group Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for this and it is advisable the client touches up or repairs dents and paintwork upon completion
Please ensure all work areas are clear of debris and rubbish, as a cleaning charge will apply.
Payment is due immediately upon completion of installation or unless stated otherwise.

The customer has been made aware and accepts the following:

  • Sanding & polishing is not French polishing
  • Dust and imperfections may occur
  • Minor imperfections will wear with usage

Faint scratches will be seen under certain light conditions such as down-lights, the higher the gloss level of the coating the more imperfections will be seen.

Given the nature of this work there may be occasion when dents may occur, the customer should also expect some fine dust to settle
In the event of singular rooms or segments being sanded and polished only – please be aware that there will be an immediate color difference. Old floors once rejuvenated will be clear of oxidization that occurs naturally whilst exposed to UV lighting or similar
Stained floors will not look identical to that of original ( pending on exposure levels and age ). Client understands this process and accepts color variations will occur.

Payment is due immediately upon completion of installation or unless stated otherwise.


In the event of rectification works we will not be responsible for costs outside that of flooring in the event of reworks, and / or additional works being required. Upon issuing a work order to The Diesel Group Pty Ltd you agree in whole to this condition as such you will void any recourse of cost recovery for sundry items. We will not honour any other trade invoice for rectification and reserve the right to rectify condition within industry standards. Any back charge amounts need to be issued on a separate invoice for consideration – any funds deducted from outstanding invoices will be seen as invoice not being paid, and may incur debt recovery action to collect funds owed.