New Timber Flooring Expectations

Expectations of my new timber flooring

It is important to understand that timber flooring is a natural product and is therefore influenced by numerous factors. It is for this reason it is important to understand that there is a relationship between timber, humidity in the air surrounding it and the dimensional changes that occur as the result of change in humidity. For example in situations of high humidity timber will absorb such moisture and increase in size or swell. Drier times with lower humidity levels will cause timber to shrink, reducing it in size. Hence tongue and groove flooring will always move in response to changing environmental conditions.

Within a dwelling a number of differing climates can develop, causing areas of flooring to respond differently within the same dwelling. These include large expanses of glass, fireplaces, refrigerators, air conditioners, appliances that vent warm air, the aspect of the house and two storey construction, all of which can have an effect on the dimensional movement of floor boards. When floors are exposed to the sun through large glassed areas, protection is a must after construction – failure to do so may result in localised bleaching and excessive shrinkage. Evaporative coolers add moisture to the air and raise relative humidity, resulting in moisture contents in the flooring that are higher than under ambient conditions – hence causing pressure internally and possible changes within flooring appearance outside that of expectation.

Sanding & polishing of all solid timber floors is performed onsite with typical polyurethane products ( unless otherwise specified ). As trades do not operate in a fully controlled environment a finish similar to that of fine furniture should not be expected. Every piece of timber is different and will sand differently. The home environment is also not dust free. A minimal level of contaminants, small depressions of the finish at board edges and in nail holes etc may be visible.

Due to this a mirror finish is an unachievable expectation